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LARS is a high quality lighting systems manufacturer

LARS is a brand with an established reputation in the lighting industry.


LARS is a brand with an established reputation in the lighting industry. We have specialised in the manufacture of quality lighting since our formation in 1984, continually developing and adding products to our ranges, ensuring we meet the needs of our global client base. Our roots, however, date back to the first half of the 60s, when the doyen of the family started the business. The expansion of activities and the rebranding was the idea of a new, second generation.

Today, LARS is still a family business managed by both second and third generations, who constantly develop the company, while respecting the heritage that dates back over half a century. LARS headquarter and manufacturing lines are based in central Europe and its products meet all European and American quality standards.

A global brand

Thanks to the more than half a century of activity, today LARS boasts a presence in over 50 countries worldwide. We have worked with local authorities, architects, consultants and contractors across the globe on a vast range of projects; these include major schemes of both national and historical importance for clients.

Jesteśmy szczególnie dumni, kiedy możemy oglądać nasze produkty od krajów strefy polarnej po gorącą strefę równikową.

Family Business Network

LARS does not hide its family nature. On the contrary, as many well-known Western companies, we are proud to mark the achievements of our hard work for 3 generations. We believe that family businesses in the world are the backbone of the global economy and ensure its stability in times of intense speculation in many markets.

Therefore, LARS was one of the founding companies of the Polish branch of the association Family Business Network, which operates in more than 60 countries worldwide. We are very active in the promotion of Polish family businesses in Poland and around the globe, ensuring that Polish brands and enterprise receive the recognition they deserve.

Our Brands

A brand entirely created by LARS. Auraton is now the market leader in control heating systems, which exports products under its own brand to more than 25 countries. Importantly, the production lines of Auraton, as with LARS, are located in central Europe, providing local employment and leveraging local talent, without the support of other countries.

A brand that deals with the maintenance of helicopters and airplanes as an authorized service. In addition, we perform a civil aviation, transport of passengers and service documentation for aircraft.

Our Partners


We supply products to your homes, offices and workshops.

Our products light up: facades, gardens, ceilings, workbenches and many other places that are only limited by your imagination. For that reason, we are keen on listening to your ideas and advising on their creation.

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LARS is responsible for many original and prestigious projects all over the world.

We are appreciated not only by the specialists in domestic markets, but also very demanding designers and architects from Switzerland, Scandinavia, the Middle East and more. Our wide offer starts from the minimalist, elegant lamps for the jewellery industry, to the modern lighting for offices and industrial buildings and extends to huge features for the most famous hotels and shopping malls.

Sometimes, just to satisfy even the most discriminating tastes, we produce singularly unique, one-of-a-kind pieces.

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For many years LARS has cooperated with a multitude of companies in both the Polish and foreign markets.

We understand the time pressures, unexpected surprises and changing investment decisions executives face. The challenges most executives face are also ours, which is why we always strive to work together. We believe that this is the best way to achieve a positive outcome and satisfy the ultimate shareholder.

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Jako dostawca różnorodnych rozwiązań dla wielu branż rozumiemy potrzebę utrzymywania odpowiednich stanów magazynowych oraz dostaw just-in-time bardzo zróżnicowanego asortymentu.

LARS posiada własne magazyny, dlatego świetnie rozumiemy, że klienci nie zawsze dysponują odpowiednim do zamówienia czasem. Stąd staramy się pomagać naszym partnerom i wspólnie sprostać wyzwaniom stawianym przez wymagających klientów.

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At LARS we believe that professionalism stems from specialization. As a result, we are happy to work with other manufacturers and leaders in their industries.

The efficiency of the processes carried out by specialists translate to final customer satisfaction. Our customer base is huge and their flexibility and imagination constantly amaze us. As a company, we are not afraid to combine with other forces to present jointly developed solutions that meet these needs and new world trends.

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Patents and Certificates

During our long history, we have often proposed innovative solutions to many industries. The majority of our technologies were or still are protected by patents, utility models and other tools designed to protect our intellectual property.

LARS provides patented solutions for all business sectors, from transport (e.g. rail), to construction, furniture retail and even aviation. Proving, with the right attitude, that we are able to meet any standards imposed by the regulations of different industries.


Feedback we receive from our customers is extremely important to us as it allow us to constantly improve. Letters of recommendation are our greatest reward for our hard work and provide us with the motivation to develop more exciting new products for our customers.

Corporate Social Responsibility

WOŚP – The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity

Every year LARS, with the brand Helicenter, supports the initiative of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity by sponsoring helicopter flights with a fundraising auction.

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Ecology - Aureko

Every day LARS designs and manufactures lighting based on modern LED technology, which helps to reduce energy consumption and supports environmental protection. However, we believe that this is not enough. Introduction of new products to replace...

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"Heart" Mission

LARS is a family business, centred around family values. We believe that the matters of life and health stand in the foreground. Therefore, when it turned out that due to the shortcomings in the hardware of the Poznan Department of Cardiac Surgery...

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