10 reason why NOT to install underfloor heating

What is underfloor heating?  Underfloor heating is a...

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LED aluminium profiles - what is worth knowing about them?

An aluminium LED profile recessed into a ceiling, wall...

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Step Nosing Profiles

  Elevating Cinematic Experience: The Role of LED Step...

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LARS Expands its Electronic Manufacturing Services, Offering High-Quality Solutions in EU Market

LARS Group is pleased to announce the expansion of its...

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World's most famous movie awards handed out!

The 95th Academy Awards was held on the 12th of March...

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The LARS Group has signed the Defining Success Across Generations declaration

We are proud to announce that as of April 27, 2020 the...

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Hermet Magnetic awarded at International Lighting Fair

LARS got a prize for the most innovative product at the...

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LARSA awarded at International Lighting Fair

LARSA System received the award in the Competition for...

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