"Heart" Mission

LARS is a family business, centred around family values. We believe that the matters of life and health stand in the foreground. Therefore, when it turned out that due to the shortcomings in the hardware of the Poznan Department of Cardiac Surgery and Transplantation at University Hospital, helicopters were needed to transport organs. As they could not obtain resources from public institutions, we agreed without hesitation to provide our machines free of charge. 

Over the years we have worked closely with the transplant teams. The air transport allows them to collect organs from distant parts of the country, avoid traffic and to deliver the organs, such as hearts, within the so-called “Four Golden Hours” – the maximum time from collection to implantation that significantly affects the chances of successful transplantation and a patient’s survival. Our continuing contribution to the activities of doctors has resulted in successful transplants of hearts in up to ten patients. In all these activities not only our employees were involved, but also the LARS business owners themselves, many of which are certified pilots.