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Ceiling lights LARSA

The brightest path for suspended ceilings

LARSA is a brand new lighting system with advanced LED technology. The minimalist luminaire lies camouflaged amongst its surroundings until powered on. LARSA lamps can be installed in various configurations, enabling them to meet the creative vision of the discerning designer, but also fulfil functional requirements with ease. They provide the highest level of lighting comfort in offices, halls and public buildings – any space that requires a contemporary look and solid lighting - while maintaining the utmost standards of energy efficiency.

LARSA supports the acoustic quality of suspended ceilings and its simplicity, neatness and functionality create an aesthetic and highly energy efficient alternative to raster lamps.

  • 100% designed and produced in Europe
  • Provides 70% energy saving compared to fluorescent raster lamps and 35% in relation to popular LED raster lamps*
  • Compliments acoustic interiors – up to 16% less noise
  • 5-year warranty
  • Freedom to create unique lighting patterns




LARSA is in high energy class that brings real savings of up to €18 per year for each lamp.


The table below displays ROI over time**.


* Research conducted on certified laboratory equipment with respect to the leading European manufacturers of fluorescent and LED lamps.
** Two and a half of LARSA S60 generate light even to a standard raster luminaire with four fluorescent lamps. Analysis based on average industry electricity price for EU-28 from 2016 (0,12€ per kWh) and assumption that one lamp lights 12 hours a day.