Decorative lighting

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Reading lamp

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Universal profiles with black diffuser

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Stair nosing profile with LEDs

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Ceiling lights
LARSA System

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Multipurpose LED profile

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Industrial luminaires with a high IP rating can be used in facilities such as production halls, warehouses, underground car parks, garages, workshops or even sports halls. High-performance LED technology will increase the savings and safety of those in the space.



The power of savings begins with form

Hermet Magnetic is an industrial setting that rejects the normal standard of classic light sources. The fusion of high-efficiency LED strips with neodymium magnets eliminates unnecessary ballast in the form of fluorescent lamps, additional mounts, ignition initiators and as a consequence allows us to achieve the highest degree of optimization. This new technology doesn’t just reduce cost and ROI, it also provides complete ease of installation, maintenance and significantly lessens environmental impact.